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Apr 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
of your offer time. it's used to meet our mandatory staffing requirement and it is filled with regularly scheduled he individuals and salaries or offer minded. over time has been used for its fiscal and operation efficiency. the department is a consulted with the. the way to reduce overtime would be to hire additional personnel into the field we did have 18 hundred members now we have lost 4 hundred positions and obviously we've had to rely on overtime. the department budgets for over all staffing level using a combination of regular saliva depending upon the staffing level it can be seasonal. we have as i said seen a high-level of overtime including this year based on our staffing level. we have 4 additional personnel per day and that added to our staffing. we've seen lower staffing which requires more high use of mandatory over time. i've disrespected about particularly in the summer months. we're happy that mayor lee has championed this. we did - we're happy to report we graduated 28 new recruiter and has provided some help we see the light at the end of the tunnel. we've got to make
Apr 25, 2013 2:00am PDT
and chaufgs. and have will every ever been you mentioned mandatory staffing level and we have guarantees that we have to have a staffing levels. and now we're saying because the mandatory staffing levels to harm people possibly does that make sense to change the levels >> i think it's a fair question peer we're not overstaffed, in fact, if you look at the growth of the crane in the city you can see our california volume has gone up. 70 percent medical calls and thirty percent fire calls. the reality it that we're - >> the response to calls does the mandatory staffing level you can actually reach the calls i think the studies that have been done in the past you can have the lower staffing and meet the calls. >> we're mandateed to be on a call in so many minutes. if you're question is whether we're going to reduce the fire people on the fire trucks it would be going against the code. i can tell you we have a 2 code fir alarm and if we see the outcome of fire people going into scenes - >> i'm talking about the local prop. >> that calls for a minute amount of stations and coverage. >>
Apr 17, 2013 3:00pm PDT
programs and the like. but if you look at the staffing, the violent crime rate almost clearly mirrors inversely when we have full staffing versus when we're short. when we are at our -- the last time we were as low as we are now was in the midst of that mid '90s on average homicides a year. when we went to full staffing, we actually set that record in 2009 of 45 homicides a 30-year record. as we remain high, the count remained low, we put in a lot of efficiencies thanks to director given and leioni, i-t division. if you look at the next slide -- we're going to go back one, to slide number -- yeah, the next slide, the one that talks about the staffing adjustment. if you'll look -- so, we did this last year. the officers were great. we got tremendous cooperation from the poa. hr actually entered into it and the city attorney and the mayor's office, while we were able to reach an accord and actually a side agreement to the poa contract where for the first time since '86, all the officers in the police department -- the only officers in the police department working a 10-hour day are now
Apr 20, 2013 4:44pm PDT
volunteers to work overtime due to our low staffing, that there will be hold overs for our uniformed members. >> okay. supervisor breed. >> thank you. thank you, chief. just, colleagues, i wanted to mention that it had been 10 years since any hiring was done in the department until last year when new recruits came through a class. i know this year i think we're scheduled to have two classes graduate. but it's clear that we are not bringing in enough firefighters to deal with the needs of the city as a whole. and i think an additional, at least one additional class this fiscal year would be something that could really help, although it won't solve the problem. but i do know this is a real major problem in the department and i think that additional class costs about 1.5 or 1.2, somewhere -- >> right around that. >> and, so, i just -- a someone who served on the fire commission in the past, people look at overtime as being -- well, the firefighters are making a lot of money in overtime. but the reality is in many cases, many of these firefighters don't want to do this overtime
Apr 10, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. generally speaking, the sheriff's department is moving right in well because we have been under staffed for some years. we see the cumulative effect, which is not unfamiliar to the board of supervisors or to the sheriff's department, where we have come before the board, budget and finance committee, out of the last 10 years -- five out of the last 10 years for supplementals because of our heavy reliance on overtime. in our ministration, i declare that we had will do everything we possibly can to make sure that our overtime is well manage, yet made available so that it satisfies i think the most critical needs of our department so that the department is not handicapped in any way that the public or city government would expect. ~ there are areas of interest that are evolving with changes in our local criminal justice system. i think that you would be interested in knowing. one is we are one of the few counties in the state of california that is experiencing under crowding in our jails. to date our jail population is 1,5 47. for the last year it has been hovering between 1500 and 1600. la
Apr 17, 2013 2:00pm PDT
a number of years has been really negatively impacted in terms of staffing reductions in some areas over time. and the department i think has been very effective under mr. reiskin's leadership, under your leadership in adapting to those resource challenges and still doing, i think under the circumstances, a pretty exceptional job of doing what it needs to do. but i really, i really think that you need more resources. and two areas where i and my colleagues were able to get some resources to the department in our process last year are cleaners -- cleaning crews, i'm not talking about street cleaning, but just general cleaning crews to keep our spaces clean. and also we have gardeners because we have all these miscellaneous rights-of-way that look like park but they're not rec and park property. they're random green patches all over the city that are under dpw's jurisdiction. and if you don't have neighbors that are really taking care of it every day, dpw just doesn't have the resources to be out there all the time and you're more responding to particular problems there. can you just comme
Apr 17, 2013 8:44pm PDT
. what we were seeing again because of our low staffing levels was we had some exceptions that were granted by the director, but we have some people that are double that amount of overtime. and they do meet the criteria that was granted in the exemption from director callahan. but just this year we decided to work together. we presented it to local 798 and collectively dhr administration and labor agreed to a hard cap of 1100 hours which is still in my mind way too many, but it begins to not reduce our overall overtime, but it sort of distributes it more evenly across the department. but what that also does is potentially it has the ability to, once again, increase the mandatory overtime. so, next week when we talk about -- we'll be coming before you and technically it's called for supplemental request, we don't like supplemental because we're not asking for additional funding. we're basically asking because of the overtime legislation that was passed in 2011. we're going to ask for a reallocation within our own budget. so, we have to have 4.1 million from salary to fringe to cover
Apr 17, 2013 2:30pm PDT
with mayor's budget office to bring on additional staffing for that station. we talked a little about the eoa exclusive operating area and the rights. as you stated back in 2008, the state of california made a decision to remove the eoa rights to the 911 ambulance transports here in the city. this basically threw everything into a period of uncertainty, including our budgets and how we staffed. as there were no formal guidelines or procedures for the system as a whole and no provider agreements in between the providers. ~ we found ourselves in the ems division in a bit of a holding pattern during this time, unsure of what the future held for the system. we saw our market share of transports go from about 90% down to 70% and the private increased to that amount. and again, that's one of our main -- one of two ways the department earns revenue. so, fiscally as well as operationally, it was difficult for us. so, we were very delighted that in january of last year the state sort of very -- we worked really hard with the department of emergency management folk, city attorney's office, local 798 to
Apr 25, 2013 2:30am PDT
, administrative hoops to jump through. our staffing being what it is, with your staffing being what it is, i think it's more efficient if it's going to achieve the same thing. the funds are going to be held and i want you to hold us accountable for every dollar. maybe to what mr. rhodes is agreeing to and we're agreeing on this, it might be a happy medium and i'm just asking because of staff time and you well know the workload that mr. corso has, he shoulders the burden of going through what we need to go through to get back on square 1 again as opposed to maybe you are familiar with the concept held in reserve in this committee and if it is one or two less steps, better it is for everyone. >> so -- go ahead. >> chief. >> i'd like to make this cut and i'd like the fire department to make it work. we can do it, you can do it. you can do it. make this cut, you can make it work. then we can go on and you don't have to waste any more overtime being here while we are discussing this because i think we're at the point and we can go around in circles but we've already had this conversation 5
Apr 22, 2013 6:00pm PDT
of our seasonal firefighters. they'll be staffing six engines in the santa clara unit. they'll be staffing up -- the six engines will be going to the six different stakes throughout the unit. typically we don't start that process until the second week in may. >> reporter: california fire will not be the only agency to get started early. the wildlands officer plans to get a jump on what he calls one of the dryest seasons on record. >> it's much earlier in the season this year. usually it's about mid may when we're preparing for the season. for san jose, that means we're getting all our wildland companies staffed and ready to go. >> reporter: many we talked to say that's a good idea. >> i can't believe how hot it is here. in mid-april. it's incredible. >> reporter: cal fire apparently thinks so too, after the first phase of hiring. the next phases will start just one week later for full staffing by june. live in los gatos, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings faced a judge today right at his bedside. the judge came to the
Apr 18, 2013 1:14am PDT
methodology consist of historic and cyclical revenues, expenditures, staffing hours and defer credits. to support our recommended economic stabilization reserve level, we also perform a bench marking analysis of building inspection agencies across the state given their recent economic decline. lastly our office reviewed documentation in government best practices regarding reserve levels. our office developed 4 key which i will review individually in the next few slides. first is to create an economic stabilization level, that the be $17 million. the second recommendation is to remain the balance to improve the efficacy of the department's core services. third the department should provide better staffing for the code and, benchmarking analysis of california building inspection agencies reserve levels. create an economic stabilization reserve level of four months of operating expenses. invest the remaining surplus in strategic one time capital investment over the next few fiscal years. increase staffing living to better meet the current work loads. conduct a fee study to ensure vario
Apr 3, 2013 8:30pm PDT
to 12, the graveyard is staffed by two people, one rn and one psychiatric technician. we're concerned about this. as mr. wagner pointed out really well in his presentation, the full implementation of the affordable care act presents great opportunities for dph to bring in much-needed revenue. i think the approval of the supplemental at this time is critical. we can't allow the department to enter into 2016 without full staffing, without the tools that it needs to really present itself to the public as a viable healthcare option, and hopefully get that and take advantage of those opportunities for revenue. thank you very much. and i hope that we have the full support of the committee for the supplemental. >> chair farrell: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> i'm brenda, i work in the medical clinic out at san francisco general. we're in the process of implementing the affordable care act right now. so i will tell you that part of it is they have these excellent standards that are going to be attached to the amount of revenue that we get. so if we don't meet these standards, an
Apr 15, 2013 2:00pm PDT
in their implementation. as the board obviously knows the police department has had staffing challenges over the years. as we look at this slide currently before you just in the last two years we have seen a reduction in staffing of some 300 officers. one of the hardest hit areas within the police department actually was the traffic company and that's in large part to the level of seniority that actually took to become a member of the traffic company, to be a member of the motorcycle unit and so forth, so as we rebound with a robust hiring plan under the mayor's leadership here we are prioritizing full staffing levels for the traffic company and the motorcycle officers. in fact we have a class that is going through right now at treasure island but those three areas i want to focus in on the enforcement, investigation and technology. >> when do you think -- when do you anticipate the department is at full staffing in the traffic company? >> we're looking at a 18 month full staffing plan. the training for motorcycle officers is comprehensive. it's eight weeks in training and although they're members
Apr 6, 2013 9:30am PDT
, in the psychiatric unit, and when you start cutting staffing, it becomes a health and safety issue for our workers. and the potential for people to get injured, and assaulted, goes up. so it's so important to be adequately staffed in public health. and i'm just asking for your support on the supplemental bill. thanks. >> chair farrell: thank you very much. are there any members of the public that wish to speak on item no. 2? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we have the supplement a before us. we have recommendations that the department of public health as agreed on from our public analyst. could we entertain a motion to accept the recommendations of the budget analyst and amend the appropriation? so moved. we can do that without opposition. can i entertain a motion to move this item forward as amended. we can do that without opposition. thank you very much. mr. clerk, can you please call item 3. >> the clerk: 3. hearing to receive an update on the human services agency's budget for fy2013-2014 and fy2014-2015. >> chair farrell: thank you very much. colleagues, this is one
Apr 25, 2013 10:00pm PDT
, but police concede staffing cuts have made traffic enforcement difficult. >> that definitely does affect the way we patrol the city. >> the woman pinned by the car in her kitchen is still in critical condition tonight. her nine-year-old daughter is also hospitalized with less serious injuries. >>> a bay area boy badly injured in a boston bombings is finally out of the hospital. today, he was brave enough to visit the attack site. susan on how aaron hern managed to stay strong. >> one of his first visits, the growing memorial on boylston street. the san francisco 11-year-old was waiting for his mom near the finish line when he was injured from the second blast. the multisport athlete says visits from dignitaries like the first lady, help to keep his spirits up. >> still, it's hard to do the things i used to. >> and his cap signed and a pin from a boston police officer. it's the love and support that have been so overwelming. >> people in boston, boston pd, i cannot say enough. um, how amazing the staff at children's hospital. >> the hern family has long loved boston. the terror of t
Apr 1, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. you have seen significant staffing in the last few years. i just don't buy this is going to declare inavailability legitimately >> just to patch the whole here to how it could lead to inavailability. it's not the court specialist that would lead it that. it's when our salaries are not accountable for the year the mayor's office is concerned and saying we're not going to let you higher anybody when you have the salary or budget deficit that's what the position - it >> they say why don't you give us tear salaries so we could handle those cases in the meanwhile. so that's really a policy choice to you and if you're telling me public defender we don't care you have to live within our budget. i have no choice but to declare inavailability. we have an increase in 3 strike cases and life cases and there's a dramatic increase. that means we have to spend more time and emergency to investigate those cases. let me tell you when you don't have the support to talk to witnesses the results can be drastic. my office has never been suited because the public defender received poor you representat
Apr 28, 2013 5:30pm PDT
office their fully aware we're understaffed and we're doing the best we can. to me the mandatory staffing requirement with our salaries and the higher amount of overtime it worked well, for awhile but now we're feeling the pain. >> another question i had in the budget analysis report is part of the budget expenses are coming for the airport. my understanding is the airport sooshdz all of the expenses of that department i'm confused of all the allocation of the airport for the budget >> you're right we have if you happened from the port and the airport and it pays for the stations. and they also pay for the overtime? correct >> but it doesn't read that why harry rose? >> there's general fund portion and it's clearly stated on page 3 of our report if you take a look at on table 3 for the source of fund we say that the airport would be fully paying for the request. the balance of 4 million would be paid but he general fund. we totally agree with the department and they ago with you on that presentation >> i'm trying to said why there's such a large amount of overtime for those folks in
Apr 16, 2013 4:25pm PDT
services more quickly. we have a challenge with our staffing and resources, as you mentioned, but we have to embrace that legacy staff. we cannot merely replace them, as you pointed out. we have to embrace that legacy staff and repurchased them in other areas that we can benefit the city better with those folks. so our decision to recently go to a more enterprise version of cloud computing was leveraging e-mail in the crowd -- that was a major decision. ground-breaking decision for the city and county, but one that we feel will better prepare us for the future and better enable us to implement other technologies to help move the city forward and to help lift the technical maturity within the city. that is what we are charged to do. as an i.t. organization within the city, and to your comment earlier, it is something we face everyday, a challenge we face every day. leveraging legacy. respecting legacy, yet implementing technology to meet the needs of the business of the city and the needs of the constituents within the city. >> thank you. having a question for you or -- when you say cloud,
Apr 26, 2013 10:00pm PDT
, and management and physical fitness training. >> the cal fire says staffing up early means a full compliment of crews will be available if the predictions of an early fire season come true. >> most fears were not fully staffed until july 1. >> this is early for you? >> we want to be prepared. fuel moistures are very low, very dry. >> by the time cal fire fully staffs up for the season, it will have about 12,000 firefighters on duty statewide. reporting in morgan hill, i'm mark sayer, kpix5. >> that fire danger will be creeng up in the next few days. >> kpix5 chief meteorologist. >> everything grew so much in november and december, then everything has been drying out the past couple of months. not a drop of rain fall for the next several days. temperatures will be joining in the upward swing. good evening to you, you'll get fog, low cloud cover, but it will be a sunny and mild weekend for you. your low tonight, 50. 50 for oakland, redwood city, down to 48. 47 degrees fair field. 48. microclimate forecast taking you to cupertino. warmer tomorrow afternoon as high pressure builds back i
Apr 10, 2013 11:00pm PDT
by pay pal. >> they were referred to this company. med staffing based in freemont it is one of 1,200 companies that subcontract with bright horizons to provide back up care. >> our contract was not with med staffing, through our employer was through bright horr otherwisons. they said in a statement, we have provided care for five year, all of our care givers are background screened and referenced before sent to any assignment. they both say the nanny is no longer in their network. we reached out to the nanny. she hung up when we asked her about the allegations. >> are all background checks created equal? >> no, they are not. >> parents should always ask for a name and driver's license to check it through the trust line database it is the only screening with access to fingerprint records at the state department of justice and the fbi. >> it looks to see if they had a family childcare license revoked. >> situations like the lewis's is rare. >> be as transparent as possible who is providing the service, what are you getting? >> by sounding the alarm, we will get more families that w
Apr 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. ,,,,,,,,,,,, the country should be back full staffing... the furloughs on air traffic controllers -- brought on be sequestration budget cuts -- have been lifted by co >>> tonight, airports should be back to full staffing. controllers brought on by the seckestor has been lifted by congress. but, we are not completely -- secquestor has been lifted by congress. but we are not completely in the clear. the coast guard had to cut their budgets and they are no longer searching the bridges they are just focused on search and rescue. >>> thousands in california will see their unemployment benefits reduced 18%. it applies to federal benefits that kicks in after someone used up 26 weeks of state benefits. they will have the benefit of $450 by $79 cut. >>> as our country brings home veterans home from two wars, many of them are ending up on the street. homeless women veterans holding out hope for help. >> it is hard for us to adapt coming back. >> reporter: glenda is a combat veteran. 30 years old, mother of two children, 4 and 7. and, she is homeless. >> that is me right there. >> reporter: a member
Apr 19, 2013 7:30pm PDT
patch work of agencies. with varying responsibilities and levels of staffing. daqmd has 75 people. the air quality management district. they enforce the air rules. they have 75 people to do just the seven counties in the agency. there have seven inspectors for the thousands of facilities in california. there are different levels of staffing and different levels of focus. they conflict. there is very little ko coordination. the chemical safety board said you have to start from scratch. california should be a model for the industry across the united states. california was among the weakest. they used the federal rules and i guess fo folks who don't know much could chevron be on the hook fo did it blow according to the chemical safety board, this refinery over a decade, the operat ld have known higher sulfur in the ground as crude from alaska which is lower in sulfur which is diminishing other crude from other parts of the world. higher sulfur coming to the plants. what happens is sulfur interacts with the iron and steel in the pipes and forms areas where the pipe literally wears aw
Apr 25, 2013 8:00pm PDT
and that seasonal help will not be hired this summer. they also says that because of the short staffing, upkeep of the grounds will be minimal. the other two national parks, the rosie the riveter world war ii home front national memorial park in richmond and port chicago naval magazine national memorial in concord will not be hit quite as hard. staffing positions and their hours of opeartion will remain the same, but the programs untill further notice. in the east bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. san francisco's central subway project is getting ready for its next big step. drilling tunnels more than a mile and a half long, and deep below downtown. kron 4's maureen kelly takes us underground for a look. what you are looking at is where eventually the two tunnels one for each direction of the t linewill be dug. if you look closely you can have wall which shows where drills will start boring holes that will go as deep as 90 feet below downtown san francisco. right now we are 40 feet belowwith 4th street running above us over here is the hole where the machines that will do the digging are going
Apr 23, 2013 12:00pm PDT
officials say part of the reason is voter rejection that could have kept staffing levels. supervisors say they are in a tough 1309. >> there's alternatives that we can do in not closing the stations. we're hope to that. but we have to get a budget together and looking at the budget, it looks like we'll have the stations closed unless we come up with something creative before. >> reporter: the county board of supervisors is get to board on the plan may 14th. meanwhile, firefighters say this year, really bad year to cut any fire services at all because of the really dry conditions from a lack of rain this winter. live in pittsburg, sal, castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in fact, firefighting crews in the bay area and across the state are preparing for this yearary fire season. hot -- year's fire season. hot an dry conditions have scheduled new hires to start early. they were training on waterdrops and in one week, calfire will be hiring 40 seasonal firefighters. they hope to be fully staffed by the sul -- the summer. >>> in massachusetts, the family of 8-year-old martin richard held a pr
Apr 1, 2013 8:00am PDT
associates, anchor resolution, sequence staffing, bob murray and associates. they are not only located in the bay area but throughout the united states. these are large firms with multiple offices within the united states and also firms that just have one location within california. our scoring ranged from 47 to up to 90. we locked at the criterias of proposal information and understanding of the project objectives. that was out of 20 points. most of the firm his a good understanding what we're looking for and what the position entailed and the complications that may come with the position located at city and county of san francisco. we lookedded at the technical approach. most of the firms did outline detail week by week schedule of what they plan to accomplish over the course of the next three months. we looked at experience and capabilities. that pretty much range friday companies that just. >> >> recruited for midlevel positions such as transportation planners and engineers all the way up to executive director. with the hawkins company they cited the experience they have wi
Apr 9, 2013 11:00pm PDT
are staffed by an executive director, a commission secretary, senior policy analyst, a project manager systems analyst, case manager, project manager and case managers and the small business assistance supervisor and case manager. our commission meetings are held the second monday of every month which is today in city hall in room 400 beginning at 4:30 p.m. and the fourth monday of the month in city hall in room 400 beginning at 2:00 o'clock. less otherwise noted. all our commission meetings are open to the public and broadcast live on channel 26 which we are tonight and i want to thank sfgtv for all their support. last year the commission heard flea 33 ordinances and make recommendations. >> >> many which were adopted by the board of supervisors on key legislative measures. the commission has heard 23 policy measures in 2013. the office of small business serves 190 clients in 2008 and 2009 and we have increase that volume -- last year we served 2800 small business clients. the office and department is working on a number of projects right now and programs. we are doing a rebranding pro
Apr 30, 2013 6:00pm EDT
0.6% of those applying for a job. the retired officers a staffing levels are another problem. >> every institution, a staffing is low. on top of that, there collapsing posts inside the institution to save on over time. >> retired corrections officers say inmates constantly test cards, push the envelope. they say 99% of employees know that no is the right answer. >> is it ok if she gives me this? what else will she give me? >> according to the corrections spokesperson, four months before the start of the fbi investigation, the secretary identified the gang members as a problem and planned to transfer him out of there. to a spokesperson, the fbi told him to leave him there. >> 11 news has learned tonight that the sheriff's county deputy faces charges in connection to a shooting earlier this month. he faces a reckless endangerment charge. investigators say on april 8th, he drove his suv into an unmarked vehicle of the sheriff's deputy, who was off- duty at the time. authorities say the deputy approached the suv. harvey refused to get out and sped off. investigators say the deput
Apr 6, 2013 12:00pm PDT
and that has a lot to do with this today and so thank you for profile staffing service scefers through finances, and legal technology and staffings and we u.s.a. them all the time for our creative as well and webcore builder and is what aren't they building and we want to thank peterson and shelly doury who's one of the senior executive's in the web cor community and they built the beautiful oakland cathedral and acacademy of science and certainly at work on mass coney center expansion the early work on the warriors a marine eye and so many iconic projects in both northeastern and fortunately and southern california and wells fargo such an integral institution and part of of the fabric of our society and vaginal foalgee president the bay area region together encompassing this whole wide region for wells far going and we are soon going to hear from tim quinn written economist from wells far go and going to get some insight from him and a major focus and this says so much about the strength of our economy and the economy is small business lending and really promising news and 2012 wells far go ex
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 531 (some duplicates have been removed)